ZigZag Twisted Stockinette

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ZigZag Twisted Stockinette

This is a variation of the traditional twisted stockinette stitch. Similar to the regular twisted stitch, the right side rows are knit through the back loop. However, to create the zigzag effect in this variation, the stitches on the wrong side rows are worked as they appear (simply purled the regular way).

The twisted stockinette stitch and its variations create a thick, stable and durable fabric and are especially suitable for homeware projects or for accessories such as handbags.

Difficulty level: Easy


You can use any number of stitches + 2 edge stitches.

Work right side rows (1, 3, etc.) from right to left, as shown in the chart. Work all stitches on the wrong side as they appear (simple purl stitch).

ZigZag Twisted Stockinette

Symbol Key

- edge stitch

- knit 1 through the back loop

Traditional Instructions

Row 1: edge st, knit across through back loop to last st, edge st

Row 2: edge st, purl across to last st, edge st

Repeat rows 1 through 2.