Knitting Categories

basic knitting stitchesBasic Stitches

Whether you're just starting your journey in the world of knitting or are simply looking for an easy knitting stitch for your project, the Basic Stitches category is the place to visit. 


knit & purl stitchesKnit & Purl

The Knit & Purl category includes stitches with different level of difficulty, created only with simple knit and purl stitches. This makes them perfect for beginners as well as for advanced knitters.


eyelet & lace knitting stitchesEyelet & Lace

The Eyelet & Lace category contains some of the most beautiful knitting stitches in our collection. Here you'll find not only variety but also inspiration for your projects.


cable & twist knitting stitchesCables & Twists

Go to our Cables & Twists category, in case you would like to add a bit of a twist to your knitting projects.



rib stitchesRib Stitches

The Rib Stitches category features vertical rib patterns. Here you'll find solid knit & purl patterns as well as beautiful and elegant lace ribs.

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