Winding Columns

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Winding Columns - Stitch Sample

A beautiful rib pattern combining stockinette stitch, lace and winding columns of "purl 5, make 3" stitches. Great fabric for throws and scarves.

Difficulty level: Medium


You need a stitch number multiple of 7 + 2 edge stitches. Repeat the pattern between the arrows as many times as you like.

Purl all stitches on the wrong side rows (1, 3, etc.). Work all stitches on the right side rows (2, 4, etc.) from right to left, as shown in the chart.

Winding Columns - Knitting Chart

Symbol Key

- edge stitch

- purl 1

- purl 1

- yo, p5togm3, yo - yarn over, purl 5 together but keep them on the left needle; bring yarn behind the right needle and purl 1 through the same 5 stitches for a total of 3 new stitches; drop the original 5 stitches from your left needle, yarn over

Traditional Instructions

Row 1 (WS): edge st, purl across to last st, edge st
Row 2 (RS) : edge st, k1, yo, p5togm3, yo, * k2, yo, p5togm3, yo; repeat from * to last 2 sts, k1, edge st

Repeat rows 1 through 2.